KMJ pharma® Sp. z o.o. is a company specializing in providing services including the registration of medicinal products (synthetic, biological and herbal), medical devices, cosmetic and food products (dietary supplements / FSMP). Our main goal is to support companies from the pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetic and food sector, operating in Europe, America, Africa and Asia. We provide services that include preparation documentation for new products, registration and placing them on the Polish market. We offer technical support to the biopharmaceutical sector and a willingness to carry out innovative projects and develop new products. One of our business principles is to increase the availability of medicinal products (Gx) in the Polish market and the development of the biosimilars market.


Our well-qualified employees carry out the tasks entrusted to them with the highest level of professionalism. A guarantee of the effectiveness and quality of these tasks is their experience, extensive knowledge and practical skills acquired over many years of scientific work as well as while holding positions related to "regulatory affairs". The excellent knowledge of Polish and European law, as well as of requirements regarding medicines, medical devices, cosmetic products and foods is a guarantee of reliable performance of duties entrusted to us. Due to their interdisciplinary approach to the subject of products, our employees, are able to carry out even the most difficult tasks. For our clients, it is important that scientists cooperating with our company also have an extensive knowledge of pharmacology, biochemistry and medicine, and thus they do not need a time-consuming introduction to the subject of your products, which often takes many weeks. For the several years of its presence in the market, KMJ pharma® Sp. z o.o. has registered several dozen various products and carried out a number of services related to the preparation of product documentation.