Efficacy & safety studies

Dietary supplements / foods for special nutritional uses

KMJ pharma® Sp. z o.o., as one of the first companies in the market, provides services including carrying out clinical trials for dietary supplements. We offer you non-invasive tests concerning product recommendations, aimed at confirming properties of a product. It is worth noting that all clinical trials of supplements are carried out in medical facilities under the supervision of well-qualified medical staff, while meeting the highest standards. We also offer support in preparing assumptions of a study and a thorough analysis of a study project, the choice of final points, assumptions of the hypothesis, determining the number of patients necessary to acquire the appropriate power of the study, a statistical plan. A study report including statistical analyses and product evaluation is prepared on the basis of the final result of the trial.

The project implementation period depends on recommendations, the target group and the planned number of subjects.

Cosmetic products and products based on Directive 2001/95/EC (on General Product Safety)

Furthermore, we also carry out tests confirming properties and safety of use for products marketed on the basis of Directive 2001/95/EC and Directive 87/357/EEC.