Foods for special nutritional uses

We offer you a comprehensive range of services for the "registration" (notification) of foods for special nutritional uses including:

  • infant formulas,
  • dietary foods for special medical purposes,
  • foods that meet body requirements in the event of intense physical effort, especially for athletes,
  • foods for people with carbohydrate metabolism disorders (diabetes),
  • low-sodium foods, including low-sodium dietary salts or sodium-free gluten free foods.

The scope of services provided by the company includes:

  • identifying the possibility of marketing a product in the category of foods for special nutritional uses;
  • preparing packaging labels in accordance with the requirements of Polish and European law;
  • verifying the compliance of statements used in labels (for marketed products);
  • preparing an expert opinion confirming the properties of product ingredients;
  • obtaining a statement from the relevant research unit / The Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocides;
  • notification of a dietary supplement in the Main Sanitary Inspectorate;
  • preparing / giving an opinion on the content of advertisements (technical analysis, risk assessment, consultations with supervisory authorities);
  • translating packaging labels (leaflets, outer and inner packaging) and publicity materials and adjusting them to the requirements of Polish law;
  • supervising action taken by the Main Sanitary Inspectorate (and district stations);
  • appeals against administrative decisions;
  • support in investigation procedures carried out by the Main Sanitary Inspectorate;

Furthermore, we offer services related to the preparation of new foods for special nutritional uses, in particular:

  • preparing the composition of substances showing a ‘physiological’ effect on the basis of the target group of our clients;
  • a suggested form of the product;
  • describing and selecting raw materials;
  • describing the mechanism of action for foods for special nutritional uses,
  • preparing the formulation (including seeking out suppliers of raw materials), analytical methods and production technology.